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About Angela

My name is Angela J. Brimhall. I grew up in a small suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah where moonlit nights invited trampoline sleepovers, toilet papering the houses of the cutest boys in school, and of course, sleepless giggly nights, dreaming of who I’d marry, and lots of chocolate. I loved hanging out with my friends, sneaking out to talk to boys, listening to music, reading romance and horror novels, watching scary movies, playing with make-up, and like most girls, pretending I was older than I was. Those childhood activities were a hybrid of allowing me to embrace my feminine side and opportunities for me to feel independent away from home, figure out what I was made of, and embrace my eventual future as a powerful, strong, and professional woman.

I currently work as an intellectual property paralegal for a group of talented attorneys protecting the world’s intellectual property assets—mainly patents. I graduated from college with a BS degree in respiratory therapy, but after taking my grandfather off of life support on the very floor I was working, I decided I’d much rather experience the drama of life and death through the lives of my characters.  


Now that you know my idol…of course my favorite vacation spot is the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™, at Universal Studios, Florida. I would say California, because it’s closer but, I HAVE to be able to go to Hogsmeade for the Forbidden Journey ride, then cruise the Hogwarts™ Express, to see the dragon breathing fire out of Gringotts bank in Diagon Alley! I won’t lie, the first time I saw Hogwarts, I cried. No joke. It was ridiculous. But, I couldn’t help myself. It…was…epic!!!

Only second in line, is Disneyland. There’s nothing more magical (well…there’s only one thing more magical, see above) than walking onto Main Street and feeling the tingles of Walt Disney’s magic spread over my whole body when I see Sleeping Beauty’s castle, smell the mouth-watering chocolate from The Candy Palace, and hear the music coming from the brass band. There are more childhood memories floating in that wonderful place than Mickey-ear balloons!

So I chose to follow my lifelong dream of becoming an author. I pursued an MFA in creative writing at SNHU and graduated with honors. I am a member of Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society, Romance Writers of America, League of Utah Writers, and Horror Writers Association.

My greatest accomplishment is becoming a mother to my amazing son. No exaggeration, it was a life and death situation, from which we both survived. It was worth every scare and the many buckets of tears my husband and I cried.

My professional crush and inspiration is J.K. Rowling and I would love to meet her. It isn’t every day one person has the opportunity to revive and revolutionize the vast expanse of generations of readers like she did. She sparked the magic of storytelling and inspired children and adults who’d gotten lost in the technology of the modern world to use their imagination. She is a truly humble woman and uses her fortune to bless millions of disadvantaged children and orphans with her Lumos charity. She is what I dream of becoming.

Why do I write? Well, it’s cathartic. From the time I was five, my nights were full of vivid dreams and tangible nightmares. When I would have bad dreams (usually about ravenous, fanged werewolves), I used to crawl on the floor, my fluffy blanket and pillow in tow, and sleep underneath my parent’s bed. I was embarrassed to tell my parents I was having bad dreams so I just kept them to myself.

In fourth grade, we had a writing contest in my elementary school. I mustered up the courage to enter, wrote about a dream I had (a good one), and won. I found I could relive my dreams and nightmares with pen and paper and it not only helped me deal with them, but when I shared them, other people loved what was going on in my head. I found catharsis and a passion for storytelling and have enjoyed it ever since.

You can find me in all the usual places and Goodreads!